My Mussels Give Me Muscles


I told you yesterday that I was going to cook mussels. Well, I did and they were majorly amazing. A spicy tomato broth with onions, garlic, and white wine (for the broth and for the chef), some crusty Italian bread for soaking up the broth, and Mission St Pale Ale to wash it all down. For the record, beer goes surprisingly well with mussels. Better than wine, I'd say.

I will be paying someone to do this next time.
My hands still reek of garlic. I guess there are worse things...
Everything is better with butter. Julia Child said it. I live it.

The only thing that I'd say I didn't like about the meal? The preparation of the mussels. Did you know that mussels have hairy beards that you have to pull off? I only knew this fun fact because I stalk Barefoot Contessa episodes and she makes mussels quite a bit. She also makes cleaning them appear a lot easier than it is. I wouldn't say that it's difficult, just annoying because I had three pounds of the little suckers to clean.

I think I'm going to start posting more of my cooking on the blog. I'm even flirting with the idea of starting a separate blog that chronicles my foodage but I'm having trouble with coming up with a name for it that is as punning as the c-word; too many women in the kitchen jokes come to mind and I can't have that. But in between the rants of hating homophobes and my ever evolving relationship drama, where could I possibly find the time?



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