The Morning After...


band-aids that appear to be made for me personally.
I ate three of these corn dogs last night. They saved my life.

Eight months ago, when I moved in with my best friend and her boyfriend, I had no idea that I would look forward to the mornings after our adventures more than the actual adventures themselves. We would both wake up at a hour in the morning that should be classified as criminal when you drank your face off the night prior- I'm talking like 7 am- and crawl into the others' bed and relive the previous nights' shenanigans.

Typically laughter, cringes, covering my face out of embarrassment, calling each other train wrecks are all involved. This happened quite often. So much so, that it became our running joke. We even did this sober. It was like our morning cup of coffee before our morning cup of coffee.

This morning- the morning after my birthday- was no different. We no longer live together so her walking into my room isn't always an option; those mornings have been replaced by mandatory and regularly occurring early morning phone calls. And since she works cubicle hours, these phone calls happen earlier than I would like them to. I deal. Like clock-work, 7:39 am, phone rings and I manage a horse "hellooooo..." Laughter. Immediately. She tells me she'll call me later and to take my awful sounding ass back to bed.

There is no morning after pill for life, unfortunately. But there is an early morning phone call from your best friend that makes everything better. Even though I know she's calling me just to make sure that I'm alive and to hear how I made an ass out of myself this time, I still appreciate it. So, thanks bud.


Alexandra said...

yeh yeh yeh :)


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