Dear Pops,


Today is your birthday. Your 29th birthday, obviously. For the readers of this blog, you've heard me mention this special guy more than once. He's kind of like my partner in crime on most occasions. And- in well executed conjunction with my mother- he's responsible for making me who I am and for telling me when I need to be a better person.

So in honor of you, Pops, I'd like to tell you 29 reasons why I love you and why you're my favorite guy.

1. Your laugh is contagious.
2. I try really hard to make you laugh a lot. Sometimes it's intentional. Other times, I think you're just laughing at me. Either is fine by me.
3. You're a genius. Literally. And I am jealous of that.
4. My common sense? You are jealous of that.
5. You are responsible for teaching me proper beer etiquette. You introduced me to Guinness. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into. You unleashed the beast.
6. You give the best cards. Funny on the outside. Quite sappy and tear jerking on the inside.
7. You are the only person I know who is as cynical as me. And still as hopeful.
8. You're the only person who appreciates our cynicism as much as I do.
9. You're one of my best friends.
10. I trust you with all of my secrets.
11. You let me be me and don't make me feel like I should apologize for it.
12. You're very good at hiding your disdain when certain comments fly out of my mouth.
13. When I talk, you actually listen.
14. You respect me and don't question my judgement. On most occasions, anyway.
15. You and W gave me Vlad, the coolest little bro ever. And he may teach me more than you do.
16. You are senile way earlier than you're supposed to be. Hell, you're only 29.
17. You always read this blog. If it weren't for you, I'd feel like a loser that no one finds interesting.
18. You once told me that you were more afraid for the guy that crossed me than you were for me getting hurt. I always remembered it. And for the most part, it's remained true.
19. You don't question my need to wear six-inch-heels. You just write it off as a Napoleon complex.
20. You read the most boring books.
21. I always know what to get you for Christmas and your birthday. Refer back to #20.
22. You have a ten-year-olds palette. Pepperoni pizza, anyone?
23. You're not afraid to be laughed at.
24. You always underestimate yourself and you're humble to a fault.
25. You've finally accepted that money and gift-cards are the most accepted form of gifts.
26. You stopped buying me sweaters for Christmas.
27. You are the least vain person I know. Which is why W and I have to still remind you to go get a haircut. Old dog. No new tricks.
28. Old dog. No tricks. At least you're dependable.
29. I'm lucky to realize that there are good guys out there. I know this solely because you're the best guy that I know.

So, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy 29th Birthday to you!

To my favorite guy, who will remain my favorite guy, forever and always. I love you and am thankful for you more than you will ever know.



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