Thankful Thoughts


I have a confession... I'm not big on the holidays. Due to my commonly sarcastic nature (of which, working on said sarcastic nature is on the top of my New Year's Resolutions. Yep, it's really time for those, again.), I tend to get annoyed with the over-zealous jolliness and the constant smell of cinnamon and pumpkin in the air. The food? That I'll take.

Maybe this negativity applies more towards Christmas (gosh, it's so much work) but I will admit that I love a time or holiday of repose, where thinking about what you love in your life, what you'd like to change, and what you'd like to never see again, is mandatory and welcome.

What I'm thankful for:
Forgiveness, love, red wine, innocence, writing, the ability to learn and change, my personal strength, smiles, hard-learned lessons, Guinness, how the smallest things can make you feel like you're on top of the world, and the people in your life whose hugs melt away your sadness and whose presence make you feel like it's okay to be sad. 

What I'd like to change/work on/do away with completely:
Traffic patterns and poorly timed green lights, my innate sarcasm (I have no idea where it comes from), hangovers, the fear of letting go,  accepting that life isn't always on your own personal time-table, smiling more, accepting flaws for what they are, accepting that even a few great things and relationships in your life can require hard work but, also acknowledging when it's time to stop working so hard because it may not be that great. 

Happy Thanksgiving to the people I love most, the ones who know it and the ones that don't. And here's to a new freakin' year. 



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