{ America, the giving }


In honor of the World Cup and the compilation of cultures during this event, I'd like to share what America has contributed to the worlds' culture (and what every other country should be down on their knees thanking us for, obviously):


Fast Food

Paris Hilton, Spiedi, the Kardashian's, the Gosselin's

Disney World and Disney Land

George W. Bush

Gangsta Rap



Proposition 8

Hillary Clinton

After making the world fat, dumbing down real food, legalizing hate, killing people, adding even more unattainable goals to the beauty ideal these awesome contributions, you'd think that the worldly civic duty of the US would be fulfilled, but wait, we're not done!! There's more: we just opened a Hooters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now the world really is a better and more egalitarian place.

 Go USA!



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