Ms. Renn


(Photo via nymag)

This is Crystal Renn. She's a gorg recovered anorexic who became more famous and got more modeling work after she decided she liked food more than protruding bones. She wrote a book about it so I'm not just making assumptions.

Why is this woman classified as plus-size? This infuriates me. She is shockingly gorgeous and you can't see her bones (which, I think, is a welcome change and I like to think that these poor aliens women aren't walking around craving a bacon cheeseburger). To be honest, I don't see much difference between her size and my own. Am I plus size? Why does there even have to be distinction between women's sizes: petite, plus-size, athletic, skinny, fat, etc. Why can't we just be a woman without the shallow physical pretenses? What happened to all of the models of the 90's before the "heroin chic" era came to be. By the way, thanks for that, Kate Moss. What happened to Laetitia? What happened to Helena? Actually, Helena is busy selling 'shoes', if that's what you want to call it.

Now where's that bacon cheeseburger?



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