Good Gracious, Holy Moly


So remember the really delicious white sangria that comes in a box that I discovered at the beach a few weekends back that I love so much? Well, while perusing Target, I found out that not only does it come in the form of juice boxes, but also in a 3 liter box. I'm not kidding- really.

This box of sangria is 3 liters and 3 liters is the equivalent to four bottles of wine. I'm not making this up, it says so on the box. My best friend, Al, is coming over on Monday and we're going to lounge and veg by the pool (so excited); so if I've done my math correctly, that's two bottles of white sangria per person that can potentially be consumed. If four juice boxes put me waaayyyy under the table (and by under the table, I mean under the table and into a fetal position- and all in a good way), I wonder what two bottles could do? We'll find out, won't we?

This all reminds me of the Franzia races that my friends and I use to have freshman year of college when it would snow. To be honest, it wasn't always snowing, but snow just sounded like a really good justification and excuse. Don't judge us, we were freshmen in college, we needed no excuse to do anything that we did.

If you aren't familiar with Franzia races- and boy, are they intense- they go as so: each person buys a box of Franzia, preferably something tasty like white zinfandel, and race with a group of people to see who can finish their box first. Typically, we didn't use glasses to drink the wine, we just drank it straight out of the box. Like, we literally held the little plastic spicket that comes attached to the box and let 'er rip. Most of us did this while wearing pearls; well not me, I don't like pearls, but you get the idea. We were ridiculously classy.

The only real difference between these races and the potential and the race that's most likely going to occur on Monday is that we were 19 years old then. Oh, and we stepped up the sophistication factor and moved away from Franzia into fruitier pastures with white sangria. Well, I'm not 19 anymore. I'm only 23 but I don't think that being 23 constitutes going back to that place where we raced to finish wine in a box. And even more, to be proud of it if you won. True fact: I won, but only once. I had a killa-death hangover the next day but it was totally worth it.

I'm looking forward to Monday's white sangria 'get-together' more than I've been excited about something in a while. Al probably has a lot to do with it, because we always have fun, whether we're sipping gulping wine from a box or savoring $2 Tecate cans (with extra limes), or completely sober. My guy will probably hate us both come 4pm on Monday, but it'll be awesome.


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