{Dear Chris Brown...}


When the whole Rihanna debacle happened last February, I was quick to judge Chris Brown based simply on the leaked photos of her beaten and bloody face- I'm thinking that a bloody face is enough to call it like I see it. As a female (and a feminist who wants to go into a complete 'roid rage every time I hear of any situation of domestic abuse) every time I hear of Chris Brown posting comments on Twitter like "I'm human... how many of u r perfect????" or asking for forgiveness because "he witnessed domestic violence as a child," I wish that someone would put this disgusting pig out of our misery.

I read this article in the NY Post this morning and basically threw up in my mouth. He had the audacity to sing the national anthem at a professional boxing match. Is he fucking kidding me? Really?? Seriously?

He wants us to give him another chance and wants us to believe that he's a changed man, that he deeply regrets what occurred that fateful night. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Well, honestly, I'm sure he does regret it because he hasn't been able to get a job since.

Chris Brown (just in case you're reading my sweet little blog), let me just tell you this: what you did was not human, it was despicable and inexcusable. You call yourself human, yet, if you were such a thing, you'd realize the irony and contradiction of singing at a boxing match (in case you forgot, you used your fists to beat up a girl). You are disgusting and you would be doing the entire race of the world a favor if you removed yourself from all forms of social media and publicity and disappeared. I promise, we'll be okay without your anger issues and subsequent domestic violence 'episode'.




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