Creole Perfection


I made this little gem last night for my mother to celebrate her birthday. Looks pretty fantastic, right? I followed the basic formula of Tyler Florence's recipe but I made it my own by using polenta instead of grits, added red bell pepper and a big pinch of cayenne pepper (and a whole lot of gusto) to the sauce, used whole wheat flour for the roux, and took the tails off the shrimp (why would he tell me to leave them on?). I also added whole milk to cook the polenta along with the chicken stock.

I have to say, it was a major home run. My mother was very impressed- but then again, she's a little biased. Maybe not in this case, because it was DAMN good. I also made a salad of leafy greens and a dijon vinaigrette- we had to have some greens. I hope she's enjoying her leftovers as we speak.



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