{As a matter of fact}


I'm not what one would consider a fan of Jessica Simpson but I love the quote she made in the new issue of Marie Claire:

 "I don't have anything to prove anymore.
What other people think of me is not my business."-Jessica Simpson

I have a lot of decision to make in the near future- a lot. This quote spoke to me because I have a tendency to need to hear the opinions of others before I make big decisions. Sometimes, I like what people say and welcome it and other times, I don't. When I don't like what they say, I'm bothered by it for quite some time. I know I shouldn't be, but apparently it's one of my quirks. My things. I'm unabashedly sensitive and make no apologies for it. 

Today, I wonder why we care so much about what other people think? I'm obviously guilty as charged and it shames me. I'm not saying that we should be absent of others feelings and act on the basis that our behavior doesn't affect other people because it does. However, we shouldn't worry about what others think about what is right for you. The people that matter will still make you feel like a million bucks- even when you don't believe it about yourself. The people that matter will be honest and frank with you- even when it's difficult for you to hear it. The people that matter, matter because they want to matter. Anyone's opinion- who doesn't matter- is their matter. 

Thanks, to the people that matter.  



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