{Roles Times Four, Five, Six.}


Sometimes, I feel that I'm expected to be just like this picture- four different people, have four different roles. Or more. There's the 'girlfriend/family' role- which I'm always learning about how to be better. There's the 'friend' role- where up until recently, I thought I'd been good at; some, apparently, would beg to differ. The 'work' role- I'm always stretched here, seeing as how, I have seventeen different jobs. Exaggerating, though not kidding. And then there's the 'me' role- one that is always lacking in something and constantly under-nourished due to the tireless devotion to fulfill the other three roles. It's exhausting, really. Sometimes the 'me' role feels like an entire other set of four squares.

On occasion, I'm unable to follow through with one role or another. Sometimes, I have to sacrifice one role for another. It sucks to know that sometimes you can drop the ball. Let's be honest, we ALL drop the ball. However, it sucks even more to realize that when you drop the ball, the people you can count on- who are supposed to respect all your roles- run. What do you do then? Do you fight them on it, or do you just let them go? If people are willing to throw something away just because you dropped the ball, how strong was your relationship to begin with? 

Only time will tell. 



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