Thumper- the unsung hero of Disney


Thumper's mother (yes, the bunny from Bambi) taught him a valuable lesson one day: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Subsequently, my mother taught me this lesson through my borderline obsession with Bambi- I still cry when Bambi's mother gets shot. Don't judge me.

Apparently, the majority of Americans never watched Bambi or had a mother who attempted to teach them to be nice. I understand that not everyone is going to agree- especially about something as heated as political issues- but I just ask one thing: do your research and friggin' read before you have diarrhea of the mouth and rant ignorance. And better yet, use a dictionary and look up the word ignorant. I'm not calling you stupid, I'm claiming that you are unaware of the facts because you choose to ignore current forms of media that allow and encourage you to learn anything about it (the root word of ignorance being ignore).

And again, if you have nothing nice to say about the current status of our health care reform, say nothing. Because it makes you look like a sore loser and someone who is insensitive to the current crisis and other peoples needs. Be a grown up and use your words.



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