{Hell to the no...}


I went off this morning. This wouldn't be the first time but this time it was at myself. My feminist ways get me in trouble with myself on occasion (like when I catch myself being stereotypical and assuming something about gender and god, I really hate when I do that. I feel incredibly guilty and like an ass).

This morning I was greeted by this article and thought, wow, I really needed to read this today. Not that Kate Moss' words surprise me- what can you expect from someone who was involved in a cocaine scandal and is brought the whole 'heroin chic' look into being? Thanks, Kate. Really, thank you.

Just like every other girl, I practically beat the hell out of myself when looking in the mirror. I analyze and over-analyze every hump, bump, and lump. When you constantly focus on your weight (or losing weight), it takes the fun out of food (and life). Food is my passion- among other things- and you can't enjoy your passion if you're worrying about whether your clavicle and collarbone are protruding. That's not a good look and don't think that it is. I needed this and this to remind myself that being healthy is number one and fitting into your skinny jeans isn't as important as the deliciousness of the cupcake that I'm probably going to eat this afternoon. As long as you feel fabulous then you ARE fabulous.

And one last thing, instead of beating up our girlfriends and fellow fantastic females, why don't you try to build one up? Just a thought. Make them feel fabulous too.

So no, Kate Moss, skinny does NOT feel better than anything tastes.



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