I've been absent. So sorry. But for good reason, which everyone will find out about all in due time.

Although using the word 'very' to describe something ranks up here with being forced to de-clog someone else's shower drain, there isn't a more accurate way to describe how I'm feeling right now other than to say that I'm feeling very content, very lucky, very satisfied, very eager, and very nervous for the next chapter that I'm embarking on.

It's a chapter that's going to take up the bulk of my autobiography and, unlike most writers, I no longer have complete control over what's being written on the pages. Did I ever truly have as much control as I thought I did? Probably not.

I guess this is what they mean when they say, life happens. My life is happening. Our lives are happening.

And I'm very ready.


Fontaine said...

love, love, love this.


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